Session Class Drop-Ins Policy

WAG students who have been in a class within two sessions of the current session can now “drop in” on Level 2 or higher classes that are not full as of the last day of sign-up or later.

Student/Dog Eligibility:

  • WAG Students who have been in a class within two sessions of the current session
  • Dogs may only attend a class level that they have previously attended or been approved for
  • NO special exceptions or “emergency evaluations” made for drop-in spots
  • “Approved for” means the dog is eligible for that level based on requirements in the class move up policy
  • The move up policy is posted on the website and at the building
  • If you are dropping into a level you haven’t previously attended but are eligible for based on the class move-up policy, you must also include in your request a statement of why you are okay for that class based on the move up policy (e.g. have a Novice Standard leg, running in Excellent, etc.)
  • If there is any question of eligibility, the instructor of the class with the drop-in opening has final say in who is eligible for the spot.

Classes Allowing Drop-Ins:

Level 2 classes or higher

  • Classes NOT Full as of the last day of registration (or later for mid-session drop outs/pulls)
  • Drop-ins allowed up to the number of open spots
  • Drop-Ins NOT allowed for full classes with occasional absentees
  • Full classes continue with existing alternate policy
  • No Drop-Ins in Puppy, Level 1 due to progressive nature of lessons
  • Openings will be announced by the class registrar on the WAG member and WAG student lists at the start of each session; for classes becoming available mid-session, the class instructor or registrar will announce the openings as soon as they become available.

Drop-In Sign Up:

  • Do Not Show Up Unannounced – you must make pre-arrangements to ensure the spot is not already taken by another drop-in
  • Class Instructor(s) MUST be contacted to confirm an open spot for the desired class
  • For two-instructor classes, the designated contact person(s) will either be announced at the time that the opening is announced, or you can e-mail both instructors (email addresses are on the WAG website under the ‘Members’ menu)
  • In your email to the instructor, you must include the name of the dog who will be attending
  • Drop-in spots may be reserved up to one week ahead of time; requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance to give instructors a chance to see it since most work
  • If you don’t hear back from the Instructor before class, then you don’t get the drop-in spot
  • You may not transfer your drop-in spot to someone else without approval of the instructor

Drop-In Class Cost:

  • Regular Class Cost + $2 (2015 Cost: $17 WAG member, $19 nonmember)
  • The fee is payable to WAG at the time that the drop-in class is attended
  • Class credit (e.g. bitch in season credit, bad weather cancellation cards, or class credit cards) MAY be used as payment if accompanied by the additional $2 drop-in fee
  • Punched trial cards or member worker cards MAY be used as payment, but there will be NO refunds for extra punches or for using a card worth $18 to pay for a $17 or $19 class spot

Drop-In Contacts:

You must Email the contact below to check and pre-register for any available drop-in spots.

List updated July 8, 2014 – FOR SESSION 4 STARTING  July 14, 2014

Level  3 / 4 — 4 PM — 6 filled, 0 open
Level  1 Part C — 6 PM — 8 filled, 0 open
Level  1 Part A — 7 PM — 9 filled, 0 open (1 person on wait list)
Level  Grad 2 — 8 PM — 7 filled, 1 open, 1 drop-in for level 1 grads, or

Level  2 — 9 AM — 4 filled, 0 open
Level  3 — 10 AM — 4 filled, 1 open, 1 drop-in,  
Level  2 — 11 AM — 4 filled, 0 open
Level  3 — 7 PM — 9 filled, 1 open, 1 drop-in, or
Level  4 — 8 PM — 8 filled, 0 open     

Level  2 — 6 PM — 6 filled, 2 open, 2 drop-ins, or
Puppy — 7 PM — 0 filled, 6 open, class cancelled
Level  4 — 7 PM — 8 filled, 0 open, (1 person on wait list)  
Level  3 — 8 PM — 10 filled, 0 open

Level  2/3 — 4  PM — 4 filled, 0 open
Level  2 — 7 PM — 8 filled,  0 open
Level  3 — 8 PM — 10 filled, 0 open


Attention: Please join our WAG Student Yahoo List. On this list we will be posting when a class has been cancelled, vacation reminders, brags, questions from students, etc. Go to WAG Student YahooGroup Email List and click the link for Students.