Weekly Class Schedule

Class Session: Session 3 starts the week of of June 5, 2022 and ends the week of July 31, 2022

Ring 1 = Turf Ring; Ring 2 = Large Blue Mat Ring;  Ring 3 = Small Blue Mat Obedience Ring

DayTimeClass NameInstructorStudent
Ring No.
Sunday6:00 PMNovice/Intermediate RallyRosie Hatcher-Pientok, 6Ring 3
Sunday7:00 PMAdvance/Excellent RallyRosie Hatcher-Pientok, 6Ring 3
Note: Sunday class times may vary on occasion for class dates held on WAG trial or seminar weekends. Instructor will provide updates.
Monday11:00 AM Advanced Skills & DrillsRobin Newman4Ring 1
Monday12:00 PMAdvanced Skills & DrillsRobin Newman4Ring 1
Monday2:00 PM Level 2/3/4Mary Ann Pecen6Ring 1
Monday6:00 PMBeginner Part C (Level 1C) Sheila Doran, Nadia Adint, Lauren Wells, Laura Hilger9Ring 2&3
Monday7:15 PMBeginner Part A (Level 1A) Mary VanderBloomen, Nadia Adint, Lauren Wells9Ring 2&3
Note: Level 1 students must attend classes in order: 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D.
Monday6:45-8:00 PMLevel 3Loret Bartol6Ring 1
Monday8:00 PMLevel 2Loret Bartol4Ring 1
Tuesday10:00 AMLevel 2/3Donna Cordoba5Ring 1
Tuesday11:00 PM - 12:30 PMLevel 2/3Robin Newman7Ring 1
Tuesday2:00 PMJuniors in AgilityKatie Doane4Ring 1
Tuesday5:30 PMLevel 2Bob Schumann4Ring 1
Tuesday6:30 PMAKC S.T.A.R Puppy Rick Rubas, Shelly Rubas
8Ring 2
Tuesday7:00 PMTricks Class
(All Levels)
Kelly Schumann 6Ring 3
Tuesday7:00 PMLevel 3Pat Casey5Ring 1
Tuesday8:00 PMLevel 4Patti Jo Yuswak8Ring 1
Wednesday9:00 AMLevel 2Gayle Pluta4Ring 1
Wednesday10:00 AMLevel 3Gayle Pluta5Ring 1
Wednesday4:00 PMLevel 2Mary VanderBloomen4Ring 1
Wednesday5:00 PMLevel 2Mary VanderBloomen4Ring 1
Wednesday6:00 PMLevel 2Mary VanderBloomen, Shelly Weeks8Ring 1
Wednesday6:30 PMObedience 101Sally Banka6Ring 3
Wednesday7:00 PMLevel 4Mary VanderBloomen 8Ring 1
Thursday 4:00 PMLevel 2/3Kris Kamholz5Ring 1
Thursday4 PM Advanced NoseworkSimone Szulc-Cieplicki6Ring 3
Thursday5:00 PMBasic 101 AgilityRobin Taylor 4Ring 2
Thursday5:30 PMNose Work- Intermediate Part 1Simone Szulc-Cieplicki6Ring 3
Thursday7:00 PM - 8:15PMNose Work Beginner Part 4Simone Szulc-Cieplicki7Ring 3
Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:30PMLevel 2/3Donna Cordoba
7Ring 1