Each team will work their way consecutively through four stations:

Containers, 2 Interior Rooms, Buried & Vehicles


Odors: Birch, Anise & Clove

Teams will be given a time limit to complete each section and will be asked whether they want to know how many hides there are or if they prefer to run it blind.

$45 for non-members / $35 for members (no WAG bucks) Cash or check only, payment due day of the event. Exact change required

Be prepared to crate your dog in your vehicle

Pre-registration required – Multiple dogs per handler allowed

Participants will be emailed an approximate start time

To register or if you have any questions please contact:




Sniff & Go Schedule

September 12, 202110 AM - 3 PM
November 28, 202110 AM - 3 PM
April 17, 202210 AM - 3 PM
July 24, 202210 AM - 3 PM
September 11, 202210 AM - 3 PM
November 27, 202210 AM - 3 PM