WAG offers all levels of classes from Puppy and Beginner through Advanced Competition levels. Class levels are summarized below;  detailed description of each class level can be found under Descriptions. Class sessions are 8 weeks long and consist of one hour of class each week.

During severe weather, please call WAG at 815-675-9300 to check the message and also check your email before leaving for class.

Level 1 = Beginner (Obstacles and introduction to basic handling), Parts A, B, C, and D

Level 2 = Basic sequencing and handling skills (pre-competition)

Level 3 = Intermediate handling and sequencing (novice/open level)

Level 4 = Advanced (Master level)

Not sure what level to attend? Please visit the Class Placement and Class Move-Up pages for additional information.

Please visit the WAG Instructor page for more information on WAG instructors, including private lesson availability.

Click here for class registration and cost information. See below for general registration information for each type of class.

For Level 2 and higher classes, WAG offers a variety of ways to participate:

Session Classes:

Session classes meet once per week for an hour over an 8 week session. Registration and payment for a regular class spot is for the entire 8-week session. Due to their progressive nature, Puppy and Level 1 class levels are only offered as Session classes.

To register for a session class, contact the class registrar during the registration period at or call (815) 675-9300 and leave a message.

Session Class Alternate:

Level 2, 3, and 4 session classes that fill will each accept one alternate spot registration. The alternate must pre-register for the session, but only attends when a regular student is absent, and only pays for classes actually attended. Classes that don’t fill do not accept registration for alternate spots. Due to their progressive nature, Puppy and Level 1 classes do not accept alternates.

Non-Session (Workshop) Classes:

Non-session classes are individual classes offered at various times and days that may not be work for a regular weekly class. These classes allow a greater degree of flexibility for working around the schedules of the facility, instructors, and students. In addition, these classes allow the flexibility to occasionally offer special topics (such as classes focusing on weave poles, jumping, or a particular handling skill). Registration and payment are for each individual one-hour class. Click here for registration information and a list of dates and times currently being offered. To register for a non-session class, contact the instructor in charge of the class that you’re interested in, do not contact the session class registrar. Session class registration windows do not apply to non-session classes.

Drop-in Training:

If a Level 2, 3, or 4 session class doesn’t fill, the remaining open spots are available as drop-in spots. To attend a drop-in spot, the student must be a WAG member or current student, or must have attended a WAG session class within the past two sessions. Students wishing to attend a drop-in spot must contact the instructor of the class to confirm availability before attending that week. A drop-in spot class fee is the regular class fee plus an additional $2. Drop-in openings for the current session are listed here.