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Level 1A – Week 7




Class Videos

Directed Jumping Recall to Heel

Increasing speed of ‘walk past’ proofing on contacts
(Please see video from Week 6 – this is the same, except increase to a more energetic walk,
then a jog, then a run. Also increase the distance that you go past the dog.)


New Contact Proofing – Combine ‘walk past’ with putting food on the floor as follows: get your dog into 2on2off and reward. Walk past the dog’s stopped position to a position about 5 feet out in front of the dog (note: the closer the food is to the dog, the harder it will be for the dog to resist taking it). If the dog stays in place, return, reward, and walk away again. Then place (do not drop) a piece of food or a toy on the ground at your feet. If the dog comes off the contact pick up the toy or treat so the dog can’t get it, and start again. If dog stays in position, return and reward the dog and walk away again. After several reps of this, if the dog is solid on waiting even with the food or toy present, you can release the dog to get the placed toy or food.

This skill will be very important in a week or so when we start working the ‘send ahead’ skill on the contact board. You’ll need to use something placed a few feet past the contact to help the dog maintain focus ahead even when you’re behind. That will be impossible to do if the dog doesn’t understand he must stop at the end and wait for release even with a tempting reward available.