Roxanne TapinenRoxanne_Tapinen


Breeds Handled/Trained: Border Collie and Australian Shepard, Deaf or hearing impaired.

Venue & # Titles Earned:
NADAC Novice STD 1 and Novice JWW 1

Levels Currently Taught: Level 1.

Private Lesson Instruction: No.

Comments: What I love about aglity is it combines speed and precision,teamwork and independence, dog training Skills and handler finesse all in this wonderfully complex mix. It has the capacity to give enjoy and excitement to you and your dog and this is priceless. Agility Truly is the ultimate dog sport.

Other dog sport activities that I partake in are Nosework, dock diving and trick dog. I’m also a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Puppy STAR Evaluator, and Graduate of Karen Pryor Academy.

Learning new things and new ways of doing something is what I’m all about. Thank you wag for feeling the same way and welcoming me in with my Deaf Aussie.