Diane Kuby

Email: sheltiemixmax@yahoo.com

Breeds Handled/Trained: Sheltie mix, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie.

Venue & # Titles Earned: (Only highest level of each dog is shown)
NADAC: Natch
CPE: Catch3

Levels Currently Taught: 1, 2, 3

Private Lesson Instruction: No

Comments:  I started in agility because I adopted a busy rescue dog that needed a job.  Agility was the perfect sport to mentally and physically challenge him while building a strong bond.  The dogs I’ve trained range from fast, eager to please, quick to learn to velcro,  highly stimulated with attitude.  I’ve learned from each of them.  Competing in a variety of  venues has required me to train my dogs in many different handling skills to meet the requirements of each venue.    In addition to agility, I also compete in Obedience and Rally in multiple venues.