Diana Antlitz

Email: BELGBC@aol.com

Breeds Handled/Trained: Belgian Sheepdog, Border Collies (large, fast, high-drive dogs).

Venue & # Titles Earned: (Only highest level of each dog is shown)
AKC:  MACH2 (2), MX/MXJ (7). Competed multiple times in AKC Nationals with 4 different dogs. Achieved #2 Belgian Sheepdog for AKC Invitational ranking in 2011.
UKC: UACHX (4) UACH (1). No longer competing in UKC.
NADAC:  Elite level titles on two dogs, open level on a third dog. No longer competing in NADAC.
USDAA: AD (3), AAD (2) Qualified for Cynosports 2010, 2011, 2013.

Levels Currently Taught: Level 4, Co-designed the Level 1 program, Director of Training
Additional Info: My main experience is with handling large fast dogs, although I have taught a variety of dogs in WAG classes. Other dog activities: obedience, herding. Achievements include OTCH and multiple Tournament placements in AKC obedience, UKC U-OCH, herding championship in AKC and AHBA, and competition in USBCHA ProNovice and Open herding trials.

Private Lesson Instruction: Obstacle introduction through advanced handling – all levels.

Private Lesson Availability: Limited availability due to show schedule. Best lesson times are anytime Saturday or Sunday when not showing, and Sunday evening when showing. Occasional Friday evenings. Not available weekdays. I follow Linda Mecklenburg’s motion-based handling system and have been exposed to One Mind Dog methodology. I have attended seminars from Linda Mecklenburg, Jen Pinder Jennifer Crank, Ann Braue, Rachel Sanders, Mary Ellen Barry, Carrie Jones, Karen Holik, Loretta Mueller, and others. My approach to training is to break down the pieces of a behavior to ensure the dog really understands his job, and to maintain a high level of motivation. My approach to handling analysis is always to look at what is the handler really telling the dog, and also to see if there are training holes that could be worked on to improve handling efficiency.