Jan_SundJan Sund

Email: sundown@mc.net

Breeds Handled/Trained: Dachshunds, PRT, Miniature American Shepherd.

Venue & # Titles Earned: (Only highest level of each dog is shown)
TDAA: TACH x 2 Dogs; Teacup Agility Master2; Teacup Master of Games 4;  TDAA National Trial finalist  3 times
AKC: OA, OAJ x 2 Dogs
CPE: Completed Level 4 x 2 Dogs

Levels Currently Taught: Level 1.

Private Lesson Instruction: No.

Comments: I enjoy a variety of dog sports: agility, obedience, rally, earthdog, and barn hunt.   I was lucky to start out with a dog {Colby} who was very willing to succeed in anything I threw at him.   I feel agility should be positive and motivating for both dog and handler.