Rosanne Hatcher-Pientok



Breeds handled/trained: Belgian Tervuren, Golden Retriever, and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Venues and Highest Titles Earned:

Rally: AKC- RAE3, have competed in the AKC Rally National Championships annually since it’s inaugaral year (2014, Harrisburg)

Obedience: AKC- CDX/GOAgility: AKC- AXP, AJP; UKC- UAGII

Herding: AKC- PTTracking- AKC- CT (Champion Tracker)

Class Name and Levels Currently Taught: Novice Rally and Advance/Excellent Rally

Private Lesson Instruction: Yes, Limited availability due to work and show schedules- typically Mondays or occasional weekends

Comments: I enjoy working with my dogs in a variety of sports. I started training in rally as a way to help “pep” my oldest Terv up before going into the obedience ring, and love the variety incourses and especially the new Master’s level challenges. It’s a great way to start into obedience and bond with your pup.