Welcome to the WAG Website Account Registration Page!

Use this page to create an account on the WAG website to make payments for classes – more features will be added in the future. Do not use this page to join WAG as a member. For that process, please visit our Membership Info page!

Good news! You do not need to create and remember another username and password to use this website!

Please click one of the buttons below to choose an account that you already have (Google or Facebook) and use that account to login to the WAG website.

Once you submit your registration, a WAG administrator will need to approve your account. Once your account is approved, you will receive an email confirming that you can login!

Questions or concerns? Email webmaster@wagagility.com

Is this safe? Short answer: Yes!

Long answer:  Facebook or Google will share your name and email address with us so that we can identify who is logging in. They will absolutely NOT share your password with us. We will also not have any access to your Facebook or Google account, will not show up in your social feeds, etc. All you are authorizing our website to do is verify with Facebook or Google who you are.