Continue to contact ringrental@wagagility.com to request any ring time. 

Please read our Ring Rental Rules below before booking!
This page is for booking individual rings for training purposes.
Please visit Facility Rental to rent the building.

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Ring Rental Rules – Please read before booking!

Ring Rentals are open to both the general public and WAG members. Online scheduling through this form is accessible only to members. Preregistration is required; WAG does not accept walk-in rentals. Please do not show up to rent the ring if you have not preregistered!


There are three rings available for rental:
Turf Ring: 90 x 100, synthetic turf, will have a set numbered course. Puppies (12 months and under) and adult dogs with housebreaking issues are not permitted in the turf ring. Training that involves the use of moist, crumbly, or messy food tossed or placed on the floor is also not permitted in the turf ring. Contacts are NOT to be moved. Contacts may be adjusted (a-frame with the help of two people) but must be returned to normal height before the rental time is finished.

Mat Ring: 74 x 78, Great Mats dog agility matting, agility equipment (contacts, jumps, tunnels, table, channel weaves) are typically out, but a course is not always numbered and set. Puppy/foundation equipment (wobble boards, travel planks, etc) are available ringside; if used they must be put away when done. Contacts are NOT to be moved. Contacts may be adjusted (a-frame with the help of two people) but must be returned to normal height before the rental time is finished. Food may be used on the floor, but you must clean up before the rental time is finished.

Obedience Ring: 46 x 50, Great Mats dog agility matting, obedience equipment available ringside, or small agility equipment (jumps, weaves, etc) may be moved into the ring. Items moved into the ring must be returned to their original location before the rental time is finished.


Turf Ring $20/Hour; Large Mat Ring $10/Hour; Obedience Ring $5/Hour
FOR ALL RINGS (when more than one person is renting): $5/hour additional per person for each non-member

Ring Rental Rules

Ring Rental Rules in PDF Format

  • Release Form  -All persons renting the ring must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk, and Waiver for Damages and/or Injury form prior to using the ring.
  • Eligibility   – No person expelled from the property may rent the ring, or practice with someone else who is renting the ring.
  • Training  – Ring rental is to be used by one or more person(s) to practice agility, obedience, or other training-related topics with their dog(s).
  • Private Lessons  – Only a member, who is a qualified WAG Instructor, may hold private lessons during ring rental time.
  • Training Prerequisite – Members using the ring for agility practice, must have had at least 1 dog complete the Beginners class. The intent is to allow only those persons who have had specific instructions with each obstacle, to practice on their own.
  • Advance Notice  – Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. Reservations can be made for ring rental up to three (3) months in advance from the date the request is received.
  • Promptness  – Members must be prompt in arriving and departing. Late arrivals still owe for the entire amount due and must leave at the end of the scheduled rental reservation.
  • Moving Equipment  – The contact obstacles may NOT be moved. Height may be adjusted but all contacts must be returned to their original height before the rental time is finished. If moving other equipment (jumps, etc) do not drag the equipment across the floor. Members must return any moved equipment to its original location before the end of your rental time.
    • Two people are required to change the height of the A-frame.
  • Equipment Abuse – Anyone abusing the equipment will be asked to leave the premises. Rental fees will not be refunded.
  • Reservations Required – Any and all ring usage, whether paid or free, cleaning, seminars or meetings, must be reserved in advance by contacting ringrental@wagagility.com OR by using the form above.
  • Unauthorized Use – Unauthorized use of the building or equipment may result in Discipline and/or Expulsion.