Junior Handler Beginner Agility

  • Pre-Requisites:
    Handlers must be 10 to 16 years old. Dogs in this class must respond well to the commands sit, down, come and stay. Prior obedience training classes are recommended and/or Puppy Kindergarten. The dogs must be well-socialized and be able to work and focus in a group environment.  Agility is a physically demanding sport, and the performance demands of some obstacles (such as bending in the weave poles, landing from jumps, banging the teeter at full height, and performing a steep A‑frame) may not be safe for dogs whose growth plates haven’t closed. For the safety and long-term health of the dogs, all dogs entering the Level 1 class must be 6 months of age or older by the first night of class. Dogs under 6 months of age are encouraged to attend the Puppy classes.
  • Class Description:
    This class will follow the same format and curriculum as our current Level 1 classes. Instructor Shelly Weeks has extensive experience in teaching juniors (Walworth County 4-H Dog Project Key Leader for 25 years) and has been teaching the current format WAG Level 1 classes since their inception.
    CLASS FEES:  $120 for members and $136 for non-members.  Class sessions are one hour for eight weeks with a maximum of 4 dogs.