Combination Skills

Dogs should be eligible for Level 2 WAG classes or higher (able to perform all equipment and to perform short sequences). This class is for improving skills and assumes dogs are able to weave and perform full height contact equipment, and that the team has a basic understanding of the various crosses.

Class Description:
The combination class will spend two weeks working on each of the following handling or obstacle skill areas, then will combine the skills for the last two weeks. (Note: After the Feb/March session, the class will likely be split out into full sessions focusing on one of the three topics, with a new topic each session). Topics covered will be weaves, contacts, and crosses.

  • Weaves: Class will work towards independent weave pole performance including difficult entrances crosses in and out of weave poles, fading from weave poles, etc.
  • Contacts: Class will work on independent contact performance, contact performance (running, 2o/2o, 4-on, and other types) and the advantages/disadvantages of each – how to choose the right method for your dog.
  • Crosses: Class will cover the types of crosses (front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, “other” crosses) and what is right for you and your dog!  Advantages and disadvantages of each type of cross, where it is appropriate for certain crosses.