Puppies 12 weeks – 1 year of age. Vaccinations are highly recommended as follows: less than 16 weeks of age should have the second set of puppy shots; over 16 weeks should have rabies vaccination per agreement with your veterinarian (16+ weeks).

Class Description:
The first class will be a handler orientation of the class topics and expectations; therefore, please leave puppies at home for the first night of class. The class will follow the recommended curriculum from AKC and will end with the AKC STAR Puppy evaluation. Graduates passing the test will receive an application to send to AKC in order to receive an AKC STAR Puppy Medal and a frame-able certificate of your puppy’s achievement. Topics covered will include attention, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, life-saving recall, being handled by different people, calmly greeting other dogs on leash, exposure to novel things (variety of objects and surfaces), body awareness (ladder work, agility tunnel), and impulse control.